Clean Sex

iStock pickleTwenty-two days after my prostatectomy, I had an erection.  Really.  On my 52nd birthday, I might add.  It wasn’t brought about completely by impure thoughts.  It had a helping hand.  But that’s fair.  There was no happy ending but then my orgasm would lack ejaculate anyway since I lack a prostate.  I’m all about clean sex now.  My testicles still produce sperm but those fishes have nowhere to swim and are simply absorbed into my body.  Who cares though, I had a bonafide boner within a month of my surgery.  Booya!

I’m putting a positive spin on this now although honestly I was a bit frustrated last night.  I couldn’t sustain my erection for anything meaningful.  And this morning I pissed a fair amount of blood.  Two steps forward and one step back.  Still, the fact I had naturally induced wood indicates my nerves have a functioning pathway.  Not being educated on exactly how erections work, I would think that’s all I need.  A signal from my brain to flood my penis with blood.  Apparently the neurons have to keep firing though to maintain the blood flow.  I would like a deeper understanding of this in order to know just how positive a sign it was for me to have an initial natural erection.

Assuming I am on track, I should give credit to my surgeon whom is also my urologist.  I know I was hard on him in a couple of blog posts.  In my defense, I was an emotional train wreck the first week after surgery.  Dr. Webster no doubt will credit the robotic surgery method.  That’s an important point because many men do select it based on its record of supposedly faster recovery time.  But the robot didn’t stitch up my incisions, my surgeon did.  If you were to look at my minimal scars, you’d be impressed with the skill of my surgeon.  It’s perhaps fair to point out my age too.  I read recovery averages this and that, but most men don’t get prostate cancer until they are in their mid 60s.  My younger age likely accounts for a quicker recovery.  I actually took this into consideration as part of my decision to have surgery.

I’m looking forward to physical therapy now more than ever.  I read somewhere on the Internet that atrophy is a concern.  I think this was part of a read on the use of vacuum pumps.  This device doesn’t require impure thoughts.  It relies on physics to induce an erection. If atrophy really is a potential issue, I might ask my urologist for a prescription to present to my wife for regular hand jobs.  Ideally, without an expiration date.  I don’t mean to celebrate here or be insensitive to anyone whom might still have issues with ED a full year later.  My expectations are for anywhere between 3 and 12 months to deal with this issue.  I suspect I’m off to a healthy start though.  My first PT visit is in two weeks, along with a visit to my urologist to review my status.

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