ed mahoney picAt the time of this writing, I was a 51-52 year old in otherwise good health.  I worked as a global product manager in computer security in Colorado.  This blog in no way expresses the opinions or positions of my employer.  The photo above captures me trail running over Georgia Pass near Breckenridge.  I like the ironic phallic fertility symbolism of the cairn to my side and Mount Guyot in the background.

I wrote this initial blog post after my diagnosis and a discovery phase.  I’d written an earlier blog post on my biopsy, but in my running blog; I later reblogged it here.  These stories capture both some details of exams and a sense of my emotions as I went from diagnosis to prostatectomy through eventual recovery.  Spoiler Alert!  I survived.  There are links to further information.  Some doctors might tell you to avoid reading blogs due to the risk of false information but I know that reading online stories helped me.  I hope this blog helps you.

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