The Walking Man

Eagle TrailMy recreational pastime is running.  I’ve been a runner my entire life.  It’s so much more than working out to me.  It’s a lifestyle.  I’ve been writing a running blog for the last five years with weekly updates.  You no doubt have a hobby of your own.  Question is, did your prostatectomy impact your hobby?

Clearly, my running is taking a breather.  I can live with this but it’s not ideal.  Today, Easter Sunday, was absolutely gorgeous and I wish I could have gone for a run.  I did however get in a record distance walk – nearly four miles – on Eagle Trail with my wife and daughter.  I’ve been walking three miles per day over the last week or so since my catheter was removed.  I like walking, but it’s not running.  I also enjoy running the occasional road race.  I get a little competitive.  Sometimes I finish in the top three, but that’s not what I’m after.  It’s racing against other runners.  It’s feeling my body as it pushes the limits without going into oxygen debt.  It’s hard to explain unless you’re also a serious weekend warrior.  For me, training and racing are extremely enjoyable.

I cancelled my registration for next month’s Boulder Half Marathon.  Actually, I gave my race bib to another runner – a friend of a friend.  Hope she enjoys it.  My consolation is that I will now be a race volunteer.  I don’t know that I’ve ever volunteered before.  I’ve always been a participant.  I’m actually looking forward to this and consider it a constructive consolation.  I fully expect to be running again by July.  That won’t give me much time to prepare but I am registered for the Boulder Marathon in the fall.  Plans are good.

I’ve been following this exercise chart to ensure I don’t do anything stupid.  I suspect I’m not following it correctly though.  It says I can walk up to 90 minutes per day, but I think it means in 5 or 6 shorter walks.  I pushed it too much on my fifth walk by doing two 60 minute, 3 mile walks.  I pissed a good deal of blood for the next two days.  I also get a little light headed near the end.  My breathing is much better now but I still get winded.  For me to get winded walking is a bit shocking.  I run several marathons a year.  I’m improving though.  My next target is the Bolder Boulder 10K on Memorial Day.  I plan to walk that with my daughter Ellie and wife Karen.  I’m confident I’ll be able to do that without hurting myself.  It’s a full month out.  Heavy lifting still fatigues me rapidly but I plan to start with weights after that 10K.  Then start running again by the start of July.  I need some content to fire my running blog back up.

So those are my plans.  Keeping things positive and constructive.  I also spent time today writing thank you cards for all my friends and family who went out of their way to make me feel good.  A couple of my sisters started to call me regularly.  Others brought food over to the house.  This was my first surgery ever and I was caught off guard a bit by the strong emotions.  Friends and family have made the difference.

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