Breaking Bad

MedicineI don’t expect my out-of-pocket health care costs to be overwhelming, but then I won’t be surprised to find anomalies either.  If I find my insurance costs to prompt decisions on downgrading my cable plan or internet speed, then I’ll consider breaking bad.  I have a full and unused bottle of Oxycontin that I could deal to high school kids.  There’s a bus stop right outside my front door.  I understand snorting opioids is currently in vogue.  And if I’m fortunate enough to recover well from erectile dysfunction, I could maintain my Cialis prescription for resale purposes; assuming the secondhand market is strong.  Of course I’m kidding, but it occurs to me I might blog on some of my insurance related info when the bills start to arrive.

My urologist surgeon called yesterday while I was napping and told my wife I could start eating regularly again.  This was my fifth day on a liquid diet so that’s in line with everything I’ve read, but I was surprised I would not be required to transition to soft foods first.  Still, I am transitioning somewhat.  My appetite is down along with my metabolism.  Plus my stomach is a bit delicate still so I’m not even tempted to over indulge.  I was cautious on my first real food and didn’t experience any nausea.  I did have some painful gas, but that’s probably a good thing.

Another good thing was my first bowel movement this morning.  Makes sense considering I ate real food yesterday, but extremely comforting feedback that my intestines are okay.  Oddly, I leaked a small amount of urine outside of my foley catheter while having my BM.  Which I might add, burned like bloody hell.  I don’t know if this is good or bad.  I’ll mention it to my urologist when I see him Thursday, but seems good to me.  It suggests that my urethra has reconnected to my bladder, or at least has some secure stitches.  Pee will not be contained.  Pee will find a way.


walk to coffeeI took my first walk outside today, down to the Brewing Market for a decaf coffee.  It’s about three blocks, a good quarter mile.  Took me 15 minutes each way.  So let’s call it a shuffle rather than a walk.  Actually had to stop on the return because I was light headed.  I hope that’s from my low calorie intake and not still side effects from the anaesthesia.  My throat and neck are still super sore from the assisted breathing tube.

This shuffle down the sidewalk was made possible due to changing my foley bag.  I finally switched out the large bag from the hospital to the smaller bag that attaches to my leg.  This then allows me to wear pants and go out in public.  I didn’t do this immediately because I was a bit overwhelmed.  I determined last night I would switch them this morning though.  I was embarrassed that my daughter had to see me with the foley catheter in the house.  And there was no way I would let anyone visit with that bag out in the open.  My difference in mood after dressing in Nike sweat pants and a race t-shirt was immediate.  Like full sunshine breaking through the clouds after a rain shower.  My spirits went from night to day.  I highly recommend switching to the leg foley catheter as quickly as possible.

I’ll need to sleep with the larger bag.  I don’t expect the small bag will go more than two hours without requiring to be drained.  Still feel like I’m one step further from the hospital though now that I can remove that monstrosity.  Another weird contraption I had to wear in the hospital was a pair of SCDs on my calves.  If you’re a runner, think of Synchronous Compression Devices as compression socks.  The difference is this automatically inflates at regular intervals to promote circulation and mitigate blood clots.  It feels like someone has just grabbed onto your leg each time they fire up.  This is why patients don’t sleep well in hospitals.

Karen snapped this photo of me and Jack after this morning’s walk.  I was going to publish a picture I took of my stomach to show my incisions.  I decided against it because it’s just too gross.  I’m not shy about this.  Shoot, I’ve linked a video of my cystoscopy.  That’s way more graphic, but also interesting and hopefully adds some value for anyone planning such a procedure.  Not much content value to pics of my abdomen right now.

I’ve scheduled radiology to review my healing progress next Wednesday.  Positive results will determine if I can remove the foley catheter Thursday.  That will be such a huge milestone.  Of course it will start another phase.  I’ll need to learn how to urinate again.  Looking forward to it.