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Cialis film-coated tab 5 mgI met with my Urologist today for a post-surgical progress report. My PSA levels are fine. At .3 ng/mL, they could be lower.  It will probably never be zero because of how these tests work. I’ll have these reviewed quarterly for the next two years. I’m good on urinary continence, and of course have started my physical therapy for that. I have three more PT visits over the next two weeks on that topic.

My incisions are also healing well.  In fact, I escaped my prostatectomy without any infections period.  Feeling good about that.  The next focus area is erectile dysfunction.  Sonofagun, if I’m not ahead of the curve in that area too.  I am having erections already.  They have not been sustainable for actual sex, but they are a start.  Dr. Webster offered me a choice of Cialis or the erectile vacuum pump, or both.  I declined the vacuum pump.  I’d rather my kids find my collection of vibrators in the house than that.  I did research the pump online and am just not comfortable with it.  At least, I’d rather try the Cialis first.  Remind me to clear my browser search history.  He gave me a 30-day supply of low-dose, 5 mg samples.

We talked further about my running and his belief that even for my age, Dr. Webster believes I am recovering stronger than his typical patient.  I think the standard idiom is “health & fitness” but I reversed it for my blog title because Dr. Webster made the point that he credits my fitness being largely responsible for my rate of recovery – for my health.  He described how the effect of good blood flow and other healthy body conditions lead to a stronger recovery.  This made me feel pretty good.

He then tempered my enthusiasm to ensure I didn’t push myself too hard.  He suggested I keep my runs at 3 miles for the next month.  That was actually my game plan so we’re on the same page.  I’m not in a hurry to get back into racing shape.  I just want to show progress.  And I have some events I hope to be ready for.  I’m confident I will be without over doing anything.  I expect to report next on how this Cialis works out.

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