AvocadoLast night completed four full days on a clear liquid diet.  My urologist surgeon has neglected to provide me with detailed nutritional instructions.  Left to my own devices, and the Internet, I determined that I would eat a banana when I woke up this morning, and begin a transition into a full liquid diet.  So I did.

I took a full hour, slowly eating the banana, in order to monitor my stomach’s reaction.  This was between 5:30 and 6:30am.  I drank a glass of cranberry juice with it.  I felt full from it but did not have any nausea.  It wasn’t enough to regain my strength though.  I fell back asleep in my chair.  I took out the garbage upon waking and became extremely light-headed.  This isn’t anaesthesia anymore.  Clearly, I am malnourished.  I’ve consumed less calories in four days than I typically eat in a single half day.  I’ve logged everything I’ve eaten since returning home.

Emboldened by my stomach’s acceptance of the banana, I set my sights on an avocado.  My absolute favorite fruit.  There is nothing more satisfying than an avocado.  Just one could easily bring me back to the land of the living.  An avocado is God’s food.  I sent Brittany to the store to fetch me some.

Amazingly she returned with five perfectly ripe avocados.  Firm yet creamy.  Dark forest green skin.  I sliced one in half, the seed fell out on its own.  I applied coarse sea salt and scooped the flesh out into my mouth with a spoon.  Vitamins.  Magnesium.  And fat, real fat!  Ever see the film Barfly where Mickey Rourke eats a package of lunch meat and feels strong enough to return to the bar for a fist fight with the bartender?  That’s what I felt like immediately after eating this crocodile pear.  Reinvigorated.  Back from the dead.  I’m telling you that when you can eat something real after coming off your clear liquid diet – eat an avocado.

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