Liquid Diet

Tea with cranberries in a glass cupYou’d think this would be a simple subject matter but it hasn’t been for me.  Having a constructive conversation with my surgeon on nutrition doesn’t appear likely.  Maybe it’s outside his area of expertise because discussing my liquid diet options seems to bruise his hyper-sensitive ego.

I’m to remain on a clear liquid diet for awhile.  How long exactly is related to the gas completely exiting my distended intestines, my ability to eat solids without vomiting, and the weather.  I can understand it’s an imprecise art, but more detailed guidelines would help considering I’m supposed to make the call myself.  Or maybe I’m supposed to consult with my surgeon.  I don’t know because as I said, our conversation was not very constructive.

My immediate concern is maintaining a decent calorie intake.  A 51 year old male should consume 2000 calories per day.  Probably more but I like to use round numbers when I’m going from memory and not referencing actual charts.  The broth I’m allowed to eat/drink contains 20 calories per cup – which is three servings.  My jello (considered a liquid if you ask a chemist) contains 10 calories.  My PowerIce frozen electrolyte pushups are 30 calories each.  So maybe if I drink 3 gallons of broth and fifty jellos each day, I could expect to maintain my weight, and more importantly, keep from jacking up my metabolism.

Then I read the calories for cranberry juice.  130 calories per 8 fluid ounces.  I could reach 2000 calories in fifteen glasses.  Still sounds ridiculous but the math is starting to add up.  This is as far as I’ve mapped this out to date.  Would have been nice to receive a chart or something detailing how to consume enough calories.  Or what my calorie intake should be.  I’m a little disappointed that the nutritional aspects of my recovery aren’t spelled out for me.  Not sure if I’m being unreasonable but it just happens to be important to me.  I’m dragging around and I can’t tell if I’m depressed or simply under-nourished.

1 thought on “Liquid Diet

  1. Ending the day having eaten 370 calories. 30 of them from a PowerIce frozen electrolyte pushup. Don’t wait to have a prostatectomy to try one of those. They are tasty. My father-in-law told me not to worry about my calorie count because I’m sitting around and not really doing anything. I wonder how he knows that.


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