A Slow Rape

drunkDuring early discovery, I looked into medicinal marijuana.  I’m all about silver linings.  You never want to miss a good opportunity.  Honestly, I was researching erectile dysfunction and the linkage to medical marijuana came up.  I can’t tell you how dirty my browser history is.  You go a couple of weeks googling “prostate this” and “prostate that”.  See if you don’t end up on an NSA watch list.

Interesting tangent.  One of my favorite activities related to my running blog is reviewing the search terms viewers use to reach my site.  The feature is intended to serve as a guide for suggesting good tags.  I find it interesting.  People search for some wildly specific shit.  Weirdos don’t search for “porn”.  Weirdos find themselves on my running blog after searching for “high school cross country runner porn”.  And I would find that entertaining.

The little joy I found in that exercise is gone now though.  Nearly 100% of search terms for my blog now show up as ” encrypted searches”.  I used to get some of those occasionally five years ago when I fired my blog up.  Now it’s more rare when a search is transparent.  Apparently everyone searches with their privacy settings enabled.

Back to point.  Regular smoking of cannabis, as in daily usage, leads to E.D.  THC impacts the function of cannabinoid proteins.  Messing with the cannabinoid proteins in your brain makes you stoned.  Messing with the cannabinoid proteins in your johnson can lead to either premature ejaculation or the inability to maintain an erection.

The point is, there is no silver lining.  I’m trying to stay positive here but it’s been nothing other than a slow fucking rape.  So far I count four digital rectal exams.  That loosened me up for a biopsy machine via my rectum.  And once I was thoroughly loosey goosey, they began penetrating my penis with probes.  Next, they intend to tunnel in through my belly button.

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